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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale


Sent by Karolina Kocova

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Ozzy is 15 months old male with amazing character. He is very social and friendly with people (also OK with children) and at work he is willing to please the handler, very fast teaching everything, he is a dream to work with. On protection he is absolutly great, he has very hard grips, amazing drive. 

Videos from training:

9 months old -

14 months old -

Ozzy is not suitable for breeding - he has only 1 testicle. The second undescended testicle we removed from his body that it can't make problems in the future.

Prelim x-rays HD and ED - OK. Ozzy is DM clear by parentage.

The price for Ozzy is 800 euro (+ shipping). Ozzy is located in Czech republic. Shipping is possible worldwide.

For more information contact me on e-mail

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